Munkádban, tanulásban segít a múzeum | In Your Work and in Learning, the Museum is Helping You
(Gönczi-Gebhardt Tibor, 1953)
- Well, I must admit, the thought of grinding your corn does tickle me. // Dougal MacKenzie, Outlander TV series  
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Icarus: And all the girls say I’m pretty fly—Daedalus: For a white guy.
Icarus and Daedalus (c. 1869), Frederic Leighton / Pretty Fly (For a White Guy), The Offspring

Match #176
Details at Céline Fall 2013 | Forest with green moss and white trees
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Fitch sisters are right above it
Fitch sisters (1800), John Singleton Copley / Right Above It, Lil Wayne ft. Drake


My new sexuality is the swinging of Jamie’s high/low kilt: